JB Technologies Group is a technology company with the knowledge, experience and capabilities needed to develop and produce a solution for your specific challenges. We are creative problem solvers specializing in thermoplastic additive manufacturing (3D printing) and 3D Metrology Solutions to bring a unique and qualified perspective to your companies' needs.

Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) Services

Complete Production From Design to Manufacture For Rapid Prototyping

Multiple Thermoplastic Materials Available

Multiple Finish and Color Options

High Resolution (50 microns) FDM printers Allow for Exceptional Detail

Many Different Machines Equipped with Varying Capabilities like Dual Extrusion, Flexible Filament Printing and High Precision Nozzles (200 microns)

Large Build Volume Capable at 48"x24"x24"

Latest Software for Preparing and Manipulating Models

Durable Production Parts at a Fraction of the Cost and Lead Time

Constant Monitoring via Secure IP Cameras

Large Quantities or Single Part Orders

3D Metrology Scanning and Metrology Services

ISO 9001 Certified Team / Accredited ISO 17025

Reverse Engineering Capabilites (As-Is Analysis, Custom-Fit Products, Product Redesign, etc.)

Quick and Efficient with Accurate Data Reporting

Engineering Background to Help with Solutions for Problems On Site

With a Portable State of the Art System, We Can Be On-Site and Scanning In No Time!

Contact JB Technologies Group at:

Email: info@jb-technologies.com

Phone: (734) 838-3963 Ext 118