Conceptual and Prototype Development

JB Autotech excels at taking a manufacturing problem and developing a solution using known parameters. We will hold concept development meetings that will often result in additional questions that require creative solutions. On some occasions, we will produce prototype parts via our 3D printing capabilities, to prove out our solutions.

Critical Path Scheduling

JB Autotech carefully evaluates each project and will produce a detailed time line for every aspect of the project. This is especially helpful with our larger projects in pointing out bottlenecks and potential delivery delays.

Mandatory Design Review Meetings

JB Autotech continually evaluates a project throughout all departments and takes time to look specifically at all aspects of the design. We identify any areas of a design that require adjustments early in the process so that a complete, problem free package is presented to the customer for approval. Depending on the complexity of the project, we may have multiple review meetings internally and with the customer before a package is submitted for approval.

Close Customer Involvement From Start To Finish

JB Autotech takes great pride in delivering our customer’s expectations. We will work closely with you providing updates on a regular basis and remain available should you have any questions or need information.

Lessons Learned and Delivery Follow-Up

JB Autotech incorporates into our process Lessons Learned meetings after the project is complete and has been installed/delivered to the customer. We will not only meet internally, but we will make an effort to contact the customer and the personnel using our equipment for feedback on functionality, ease of use, quality, etc... We will then take this information and apply it to future projects to improve our process and our products.